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Marie Asselin takes us on a tour of the restaurants of Quebecs City during a weekend check-up - in the historic city.

The Quebec City Tourist Board has released a new guide to some of the city's most popular restaurants, which are certainly among the most popular neighborhoods for travelers. Located on the corner of Rue St - Jean and Grande Allee East, GrandeAllee - East is a neighborhood of restaurants that come alive at noon and evening. Located on Rue - St. Jean, many restaurants in the area offer outdoor terraces, often offering live music, live entertainment and a variety of food and drinks. Halal restaurant in QuebecCity, including Café Saveur, a popular halal food spot, as well as a great place for a quick lunch or dinner.

I hope this post has inspired you to explore traditional food in Quebec City, and if you have any food recommendations in Montreal or Montreal or any other city in Canada, please share them in the comments below.

We went to the Citadel de Quebec, the oldest British fortress, from which you can see it from the top of the hill, had a picnic and visited the historic buildings of the city.

If you like food, you should definitely try some of the traditional Quebec City dishes, and if you enjoy the ingenious innovations and strong traditions that are woven together in the kitchen area of the restaurant, I recommend making a reservation. If you only have time for one meal in Montreal, make sure you eat at Le Cheap's, as it is one of the best restaurants in Canada. Our guide told us compelling stories about every restaurant we visited, steeped in her inside knowledge of the place.

A must-see for lovers of poutine is a visit to Quebec City's most popular restaurant, and definitely one of the best in the country.

This restaurant in Quebec City is one of the best places to sample local cheeses and indulge in creamy soups. So good that we've compiled a list of 10 great restaurants to list where to eat in the city, from the most popular to the least popular. Each restaurant in this review serves a delicious - soaking dish that will make you plan a return trip to Quebec City. Gluten-free - free - find I had a great time at this restaurant with my family, friends and colleagues - workers.

This upscale restaurant is located in the Saint-Germain Hotel in Quebec City and offers creative French and Quebec cuisine in a glamorous and elegant setting.

The food at Le Monastere is truly not a sensory experience that you should not miss in Quebec City, whether you stay in a hotel or not. Champlain is elegant and welcoming, and you can expect to enjoy a great view of the city when you walk from the Saint-Germain hotel to one of the many restaurants. If you have a week to explore the world, you can eat here for only 24 hours to devour the foie gras you can bring up in 24 hours.

A French restaurant specializing in fried chicken, seafood and other meats, is perfect for a quick lunch or dinner in Quebec City, or even for an evening out.

Founded in 1977, La Taniere has remained a first-class restaurant that has proven itself time and again, and is at the cutting edge of modern methods and inspirations. Gluten-free food is available in the restaurant, as are a variety of other options, such as vegan and vegetarian options.

It's an authentic English pub, but the website is entirely in French, so follow the locals, climb the ubiquitous walls and press reset. The best local flavours can be found in the restaurants of Quebec City in the heart of the city, where tourist trappings are replaced by an exciting menu and urban atmosphere. To get the best experience of food and drink in and around Quebec City, you must follow the local conditions.

French - Canadian farmhouse - inspired restaurant considered by many to be one of the best restaurants in Quebec, and with good reason. You can sample the authentic, old-fashioned Quebec cuisine served by Aux Anciens Canadiens, served in a traditional, traditional style, with traditional dishes such as poutine, sausages, chocolates and more.

Quebec City is far from a single - respectful city, because its Franco-Canadian heritage continues to shape its gastronomic destiny. With a seemingly ever-growing circle of gourmet restaurants specializing in a wide range of cuisines, from traditional to modern, Quebec City is one of the best places in the world to dine.

The Quebec City Restaurant is located in the heart of downtown, in a prime location. Many inexpensive restaurants are available, and the most visited restaurants are full of old - world character and charm.

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