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Over three weekends, from February 7 to 16, Quebec will host a tradition dating back to 1894. In collaboration with Loto - Quebec, the 2021 Quebec Winter Carnival will include more than 1,000 events and events for children and adults. The Winter Carnival in Quebec City promises to challenge you with outdoor competitions and winter fun.

You'll also find the infamous Ice Canoe Race on the St. Lawrence River, as well as a host of other events. Don't forget to keep an eye out for the festivals and seasonal activities in Quebec City that take place every time you visit. The bottom line is that you will find fun events not only at the Carnival, but also in the city itself.

The Quebec City Film Festival shows some of the most important films from Quebec and shows many that you won't see anywhere else in Canada or even the United States. Held every year on the last weekend in October, from September to October, it showcases the best films from around the world, many of which are only seen in Montreal, Montreal and other parts of Quebec.

Technically, you should come up with another reason to visit Quebec City in winter, but otherwise it's Christmas. From the middle of the month the maple trees shine in full colour and the Christmas decoration is ready before the clock. Snow lovers from all over the world visit this beautiful city and take part in the action. A walk through the parks of Montreal and Quebec City is a refreshing tonic, and snow lovers across the country are flocking to the city.

If you get your visit right, you can even stay in Quebec City for a few days or even a few weeks in the summer months. Save time and money by exploring more of Quebec's old town at Quebec City Airport with a rental car. It is also the perfect time to visit the Canton of Laurentians and visit some of the best restaurants, shops, museums and other attractions in this beautiful region of Canada.

Quebec City hotels in the fall are probably not sold out, but you will always find the best deals in Quebec hotels when you book online in advance. For more traditional accommodations, check out our guide to the most popular hotels in Montreal and look for a good deal on an overnight stay at one of the hotels in the city.

Ideally located in Old Quebec, within the city walls, the famous Fairmont Chateau Frontenac is one of the best hotels in Quebec City where you can stay in autumn and winter. Join PCMA's 2019 Canadian Innovation Conference from November 17-19, 2019 and collaborate with some of Canada's most prestigious companies, including IBM, Google, Facebook, Twitter and others. Let Quebec City Business Destination help you plan an unforgettable event!

Although this part of Quebec is overlooked by tourists, it is very authentic and has retained a strong local feel and is still very authentic. It is pedestrian friendly, so you can walk through downtown, walk through the streets of Old Quebec and even enter and leave the old city walls.

Just over an hour from Quebec City, you can enjoy horseback riding in Saint Ferdinand's. Although not within the walls of Quebec, here are a few other events that might interest you that Not here. From the cobbled streets of old Quebec to the historic buildings of Saint-Roch, Quebec City is full of Christmas markets and outdoor activities that add to its overall ambience. This focuses on the emerging St. Roches, which is very different from OldQuebec but recognizes the historical sights and recent developments along the way.

Important winter festivals are celebrated in a number of towns, municipalities and towns in the province. The celebration of Canada's birthday is always big in Quebec, whether it's concerts, flag-raising or family celebrations in Montreal or Quebec City.

Canada Day (July 1), which in the United States and Canada is the first day of July, is marked by a day off. It is celebrated on the same day as St. Patrick's Day, which falls around mid-March, and is marked with a series of events in Montreal and Quebec City, as well as other cities.

Many of Quebec's major attractions are located in the city centre, known as Old Quebec and Vieux - Quebec, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Louise Basin, the Inner Harbour, is also home to some of Canada's most beautiful views and is one of Canada's most popular tourist attractions. With innovative ways to brighten up Quebec's city in the dark, Old Port Quebec is another great place to stroll around, steal a kiss and enjoy the beautiful views of Quebec's historic cities.

One of the best winter activities in Quebec City is to enjoy the Christmas charm of the Petit Champlain district. Nordic thermal baths to enjoy some of Canada's most beautiful views of historic downtown Quebec and take home Christmas decorations. We always have souvenirs from our trips to Quebec, so here is a list of good holidays to visit in and around QuebecCity this year.

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